Sunday, September 12, 2010

Venezuelan Lawyer Steps Into a New Lifestyle. Meet Maria Brito. And Come Tour Her Fabulous New York City Apartment.

She's a Harvard grad. A former corporate lawyer. A world traveler. And a mother . . . . who  also happens to be the wife of a Brazilian wine aficionado. She is Maria Brito. This stylish New Yorker is poised and ready to greet new opportunities through a newly formed business dubbed Lifestyling by Maria Gabriela Brito.  Her talents and desires, expressed so nicely in her own New York City apartment, which you'll see below, undoubtedly will continue to open doors into the homes of others who wish to live fully, truly and richly. 

Maria has sent along some additional photos of the apartment she recently completed for her own family. She also graciously shares some tips with us all.

Three of Maria's tips on how to make your own home or apartment fabulous or enriched:
1. Invest in good art.
2. Mix and match high- and low-end pieces. Shop flea markets and thrift shops. And then make those pieces your own. Nothing says "chic" more than when you breathe new life into an old piece, either by painting it, lacquering it, or reupholstering it.
3. Use splashes of bold colors, such as red and orange, against a more neutral background of beige, brown or white. Use bold wallpaper as a surprise element.

"My place is international and reflects my love of travel, and the places that I love, such as Paris, Cape Town, London and, of course, the best of all: New York City, which I’m so grateful to call home.  There is also the element of having a comfortable house without losing the originality and the interesting art and furniture we have.  So basically the living room and entryway have much more elaborate accessories and furniture while the bedrooms and the TV Room/Playroom are still chic but with furnished with pieces that are more durable and resilient."

"Collecting art is an addiction, and it really permeates in everything that I do and in all of my projects! Obviously our place needed to reflect who we are and what we have done in our lives but the art collection takes a major focus, and I wanted to make sure it gets highlighted."

"I think besides all the art, our wine cellar is a big “wow” factor.  We are also big wine collectors, and I love building cellars for others too. Each is so unique and so much fun." says Maria.

"The process in general was fun," she says of her own place.  "Every home is always a work in progress no matter how “done” it is.  However, to make the process fun, I believe the key (and I do this with my clients) is to make sure that one is really connected to one’s possessions.  In other words, the things that  surround us should offer meaning and importance.  I don’t say this only in a philosophical way; it could be that there’s an aesthetic connection you have with and to something -- or you have always been in love with pottery, for instance.  Or perhaps you find an artist with whom you're crazy about and it turns out that he shares so many common things with you etc.  Nowadays people get really overwhelmed by trends and things they ultimately don’t really love.  That’s exactly the opposite of what I want to convey with my interiors."

 Maria's blog:

All photos by David Lewis Taylor.

4 Responses to “Venezuelan Lawyer Steps Into a New Lifestyle. Meet Maria Brito. And Come Tour Her Fabulous New York City Apartment.”

That is a beautfully done home.
It looks soo NYC.


What a great post, Susan. Maria clearly has wonderful taste and design skill. I love what she says about art - it really does pay to invest in good art that you love. I am off to check her blog right now!

Tootsie said...

what a great place! I hope you are doing well friend. sorry I have been away so much lately that I haven't gotten around blogland...I do think of you here and there..and seeing your name in my comments got me all smiley and excited! thanks!

This gal knows her stuff. I agree with her on every detail, I would not do the wallpaper, but love the surprise element, just did a post on that today. She is cute too. Thanks for sharing s. your the best.

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