Sunday, August 8, 2010

Her Personal Space . . . at Home with . . . well, come see!

At the beginning of June, I began this weekend series, which I call "Her Personal Space."  I wanted to know where some of my blogger friends went -- at home -- to entertain private thoughts, read, rejuvenate . . . to escape the hustle-bustle of everyday life and stuff. They shared with me, giving me permission to show you all. It's been fun getting to know these lovely women. 
Now, I'm planning a short break with this series, which I hope to re-introduce next month.
In the meantime, meet Yvonne at La Petite Gallery, who lives on the coast of Maine. 
And . . . revisit some of your favorites afterward, which I've posted again. 
Actually, this isn't Yvonne. She's under the weather a bit and couldn't provide a photo of herself. This is a painting she did of her daughter. And I think this might be Thor, her dog of 15 years now. Thor has been with her through thick and thin. (I plucked this off her blog, because I liked the painting. Visit to see more of her work.)

Yvonne, it sounds like, has accomplished and done much -- from owning an interior design company to running a farm (complete with Scottish bulls). These days, she enjoys  time to herself by gardening, fishing and relaxing on a hammock situated on the banks of a refreshing lake. Here are a couple of her favorite spots:

In no particular order, here are the ladies I've featured so far -- and their favorite place, at home.

Thanks to all ladies. I think I've got everyone listed here; please let me know if my memory has slipped ....

5 Responses to “Her Personal Space . . . at Home with . . . well, come see!”

It was a wonderful series! I really enjoyed being involved in it and reading about all of the other bloggers personal spaces.

Blog Author(s) said...

This is a lovely post. Thank you.

chanteusevca said...

I adore your blog and this was a particularly poignant series that I wish you could continue. The beautiful and vibrant women shown in their unique and extraordinary spaces has inspired me to continue to dream and bring to life those places and spaces in my home that were birthed deep in my heart.


Thank you again! It was such an interesting series- seeing all the ladies special places and learning about them and I loved being a part of it! I love your blog!


So much fun! I am enjoying your blog and have become a follower.
Mary Ann

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