Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Newest Find: Coffee Table Made From Runners and Old Flooring

What do you think of our latest find?

It's a coffee table!
The base is made from very old runners that once held a log sled. Wide-plank flooring creates the table's top. The wood comes from an old log cabin once located in St. Genevieve, MO. And some of the wood used to create its height comes from a log cabin in Tennessee, built in 1858.

A closer look at the runners.

I love discovering items such as this table above. It's a great addition to The Green Plum's one-of-a-kind inventory.  We're currently working on our new Web Site and expect to have it ready for online shopping soon! Hope you'll check us out. It's where old meets new . . . . 

On a more personal note, let me convey best wishes for a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Our country is celebrating its Independence Day. Of course, it's time when family and friends gather -- for All-American fare and fireworks.

My husband and I are hosting a houseful these next few days, and so far it's been great fun! Here below, we're all working -- and laughing -- together to prepare home-made pizzas. (I have a great whole-wheat dough recipe!) One friend tries his hand at spinning the dough while my husband waits patiently outside warming up the pizza stone on the grill . . . .

I will break from all of the fun sometime tomorrow to post the next "Her Personal Space feature series."  Please visit us for a very fun look into the private spaces of some of my wonderful blogger friends!

6 Responses to “Our Newest Find: Coffee Table Made From Runners and Old Flooring”

That table is wonderful! I love that type of stuff! Looking forward to your website.

Can you share your pizza dough recipe? I have been searching for a good one!

Happy 4th.

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Susan,

Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the 4th July holiday!! There's nothing as good as home-made pizza's. My eldest daughters best friend, her dad built a pizza oven from scratch and the pizza's are so yummy!!! The last photo in this post is obviously your dining area...would I be right in thinking that the kitchen is behind it on the right hand side??? I love to nut out the layout from photo's..anyway, will call in again soon.
Take care
Tasmania, Australia

p.s. By the way am totally in LOVE with the coffee table and exciting news your store will be going on line soon. J XO

Housewifebliss said...

I just love the new table, I also just found a new find and love it..amazing how a nice item can really put a smile on your face. I am nearly done with my piece for you...sorry it has taken so long, with the move and the new house it is hard to find a 'space', but I have and cannot wait to share. Have a happy 4th of July!

A Write Life said...

Too incredibly cool! I love it. Have a great weekend.

Greet said...

Woouuww! Good idea this coffee table!!

Leigha said...

Love, love, love the coffee table!

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