Saturday, July 10, 2010

Her Personal Space . . . . at Home with Catherine (The Shiny Pebble)

I kind of stumbled onto Catherine's blog, The Shiny Pebble, this past March. I liked her immediately! We shared a few laughs over something she carries in her handbag. I thought one thing when it was another. I'd tell you what it is, but it reveals to much about my age and, probably, the near-future stage of my life. (OK, ok . . . hint: A toddler wears these!) Enough of that (smile).  Meet this Brazilian beauty now living in south Texas who writes about gardening and fashion, while also providing introductions to some amazing design talent:
Catherine at her desk. This is where she goes to escape the "noise."

"This is where I go after the whole family (including pets) and blog or just chat with my family in Brazil.  I love my office because it is all mine."

Catherine says she loves having French doors that open to a little courtyard, where she had her husband install a fountain they had at their previous home.

"There is a baby gate that keeps everyone out -- kid, dogs, husband and cat.  Although for this picture (below), the cat sneaked in while Steve took the shot.  The office is tiny, but I love being surrounded by all of the interesting architectural features of the room," says Catherine.

Since she sneaks away at night to come here, Catherine thought it appropriate to share an evening glimpse inside her haven. In her previous home, she says had carved out a little bit of office space in the master bedroom. Having access to this extra room is "a real treat."

"I have lots of fun plans for this chamber, and will probably write a post on them when you publish these pictures." 

The fireplace on the opposite wall is shared with the living room.  It kept me toasty while I surfed the Web or paid bills or made my lists (the usual office stuff) this past winter.

Thank you, Catherine, for participating in this features series that shows where some of us go to retreat, read, talk to friends . . . a space we can call our own. Tomorrow, I will show Rhoda at Southern Hospitality's favorite spot -- at home!

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Catherine (and her blog) are absolute favorites of mine. Her office is as lovely as she is!
xoxo Pattie


I am visitng via Catherine's blog. I am to be a featured designer later this month and am in the programming phase of design. I look forward to future peeks around your lovely blog.

Her office is just gorgeous. I love how cozy and comfortable it looks. Love the french doors. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

Ann said...

Catherine- you truly are a Brazilian beauty! And your hair is growing out already!

Why am I not surprised? :)

What a fun series, Susan!

I am so honored that you've asked me to participate in this fun series. I am humbled to be in such great company as the other fabulous bloggers you are showcasing. I had lots of fun taking these pics and putting together the post over at my site showing one of my plans for this space. Thanks again and no more peeking into other people's purses, please!

Hugs and kisses!

Love this insight into Catherine. The shot of her at night is great - how many of us "sneak" away to blog when we can't get to sleep, or can't stay asleep?

That looks like a wonderful place. I am off to visit Catherine now....

janine said...

Hi Susan,

I love this series that you are doing (I think I have mentioned this before, never mind!!!). I am like a sponge soaking everything up!! In Catherine's space I thought that was a doorway from the office into the lounge room then realised it's a mirror leaning up against the wall. I so LOVE french doors and heaven to lead to a courtyard with a fountain!!! Thanks to Catherine for allowing us to see inside her 'nook' and for you Susan for hosting! Hope you and your family are well.
Take care
Tasmania, Australia

Housewife Bliss said...

This space is so Catherine, down to the rug and the lamp shade in the corner. Love it!

Catherine's office is lovely. The French doors bring in light and the fireplace makes it cozy. I'd love to have a space like this for work.

C. your office is picture perfect. I love seeing everyone personal spaces, thanks S. Keep them coming!

Love the french doors and what's behind..., would probably want to see that while blogging!

What a great office space! I love Catherine's blog and am glad to have found yours today as well.

Style Attic said...

As if her office wasn't perfection...her haircut is the cherry on top!

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes this one is a beauty in every sense. I love Catherine and her witty, genuine, generous, friendly and warm way of connecting with the world.
Her home is gorgeous and I love her office. It is so nice to see people in their 'blog spots' - be that curled up on the bed with the lap top, sitting in their favourite chair or leaning in close to the screen in an office.
I think we are all nocturnal creatures - I know I am definitely one since starting my blog! :)

Lovely post. Thanks to both of you for sharing.
xx C

Sarah said...

Catherine's space looks like a wonderful retreat. I like that she has a small court yard just outside the French doors. Hearing the sound of the water must be very relaxing. Thanks for sharing this spotlight. I'm headed over to visit her blog now. ~ Sarah

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