Saturday, July 24, 2010

Her Personal Space . . . . at Home with Penny (The Comforts of Home and Lavender Hills Studio)

The name of her "art" blog infuses such relaxing imagery for me that I knew immediately, by the title alone, it had to be a very special place. And, lucky for us all, Penny at Lavender Hills Studio invites us into her refuge. (She also pens another delightful -- and colorful -- blog called The Comforts of Home, which today shared a great tip on how we all can quickly turn our cucumbers into crunchy and tasty pickles!)

Meet Penny. She's standing in her studio located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina:

"I am a mosaic artist and my personal space is my studio.  My studio is in a room over our garage.  I can't help but smile when I walk into this room.  I love the black and white harlequin floor we installed.  I love being able to see ALL of the vintage dishes I use in my mosaics, so I keep them displayed on shelves around the room."


"I am most relaxed when I am creating.  I can spend hours in here; in fact, I spend more time in my studio than I do in any other room of my house."

She also wanted to share her second favorite personal space. (yeah!) Can you guess where (a place where she chose not to be pictured (smile)?

What marvelous light!

"I spend most evenings in my master bath, she says.  "It has a spa like feel to it.  I love lighting scented candles, putting on soft music, filling the tub with warm water, and adding lavender bath salts so I can soak away all of the stress of the world.  It is where I pamper myself."

If you visit her studio -- and I hope you do -- check out that fabulous rooster!!!

Thank you, Penny, for participating in Her Personal Space . . . where we're getting to know some of our favorite bloggers in a different light. I keep asking participants in my weekend series where they go to get away from it all. To read a book. To escape the hustle-bustle of family and/or work.

Tomorrow, please come again and meet Allison at AtticMag.

21 Responses to “Her Personal Space . . . . at Home with Penny (The Comforts of Home and Lavender Hills Studio)”

Hi Susan!
Thank you for this feature. I have really enjoyed reading where my fellow bloggers go to relax. It is an honor to be included.

Jeralee said...

Love that bathtub Penny! I also love that she has her own studio where she can be creative.

Julie Harward said...

She is such a cutie! Funny, my fav place is my claw foot tub too! Penny is such a hard worker, she most likely need that soak!(I love your dog!) :D

Pondside said...

Both of Penny's special spaces are beautiful. She's such a creative soul!

Penny is such a talented lady whether it be decorating her home or her beautiful mosaic creations!

Rhondi said...

I'm so glad you featured Penny. She is such a sweet lady. We've visited each other's homes and had a delightful time!

Sarah said...

Susan, great choice to feature Penny. She is a terrific lady. I've followed her blog for almost a year now and own a piece of her mosaic work. I always enjoy my visits to her beautiful blogs that feature her home and her work. Thank you for this nice piece on Penny. ~ Sarah

Kathleen Grace said...

I am happy to see a feature on one of my favorite bloggers. Penny is one of the joys of the blog world and her studio is a dream! I can see myself soaking away in that beautiful bath too:>)

Beverly said...

Thank you for featuring Penny. She is definitely one of my favorite bloggers, and she is an incredibly nice person.

And, I am very glad I was led here to your blog. It is great, and I love this feature.

Thank you for sharing.

Allison Shops said...

I've always enjoyed Penny's mosaic work. Will check out that rooster!

Penny, your tile floor is so happy looking! That tub space is just heavenly. Lucky you!


Stacey said...

Hi Penny! Congratulations on being featured on this beautiful blog. You deserve it.

What a wonderful space to get away and do her mosaics. It's so spacious and light filled and filled with wonderful collections. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Have a wonderful day!
~ Jo :)

Donna said...

Penny is such a talented lady. I'm happy to see her featured. Love the bathtub photo ~ how wonderful that must be!


Anonymous said...

Thank You! for featuring Penny -- she is one of my favorite blogs I love to visit for the "inspiration"!

Lynn said...

Peggy is such an inspiration... I love visiting her blog, she has been on my favorites list for quite some time... Thanks for featuring her this week!!!

KarenHarveyCox said...

I have been reading Penny's blog for several years now. She is always filled with new inspiration in her work, her home and her garden. Watching the transformation of her new home has been a joy, and I rarely miss a post.

Thank you for hosting Penny, I loved seeing her new studio and her sweet face.

Penny is a blog friend of mine and she also lives in my state. I will enjoy being a follower of your blog. What a great post you did on Penny. Love & blessings from NC!

I love Penny, too...and her beautiful home! Great photos! She really knows how to put her personal touch in her decorating and she's as beautiful as her home! ♥

What a lovely feature that you did for my friend, Penny! Isn't her studio the best? I would spend all of my day there, too. Her bathroom is exquisite and just beautiful.

I enjoyed your post!


Kim said...

I love Penny's blog and what a sweet lady she is!

Paula said...

Penny your studio is fabulous

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