Sunday, July 25, 2010

Her Personal Space . . . . at Home with Allison (AtticMag)

Well, someone's gotta do it!  I'm talking about shopping. And that's exactly what Allison at AtticMag does for the online design magazine. She's the shopping editor. Allison looks for the best -- in terms of furnishings and accessories -- and then she tells us about her findings. A great gig if you can get it, right?!  She is today's participant in my regular weekend series titled "Her Personal Space," which features some friends in their favorite spots -- at home. 
If you don't know Allison, you will now . . . Here she is at home in Alabama with two of her three dogs:

"We built a new home on a lake almost five years ago, so there are plenty
of 'me' spaces indoors and outside.  When I need to relax, I'll take our
dogs, Dubya, Coco and Benji (a lab, not shown) and walk around our
property.  We always run across some form of wildlife, so it keeps our
walks interesting.  The bentwood rockers on the front veranda are a cool
place to sit even during hot Alabama summers."

"A large perennial bed along the upper drive is a nice early morning spot.
I love to hear the birds and ducks as they are waking up, while I am
tending to the plants."

"I enjoy the great room fireplace area more often during winter months. 
Whether for reading or visiting with a friend, it's a pleasant area."

 " This lower level bedroom briefly belonged to our youngest of three
children before she moved into her own home.  I love reading, daydreaming
or napping on the sofa which offers a 180 degree view of the lake. Our two
cats, Boo and Angel, nap here daily. The room, lake and mountain ridge
views make this to me the most comforting spot in our home."

Thank you, Allison

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9 Responses to “Her Personal Space . . . . at Home with Allison (AtticMag)”

How wonderful a place that Allison lives! I grew up on a lake in Michigan and I envy her that lovely view.

CL Field said...

I love that 180 degree view! Off to visit her blog.

Allison Shops said...

Thanks for including me on the tour of personal spaces. I've enjoyed reading about everyone's private places.


That garden is just breathtaking! I love it!

What a wonderful bedroom..., with those windows and views!!!

Allison's home has always been a favorite of mine. Her kitchen is fabulous!
xoxo Pattie

Love that bedroom! it is just beautiful and the view is so pretty and peaceful. I'd be on that sofa with a good book as often as possible!

What a beautiful space in the world to able to call your own.

Ah, a view of the lake sounds PERFECT!


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