Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Have Some Exciting News to Share . . .

I am launching this Saturday a series called "Her Personal Space . . . at Home With (Blogger friend's name)."  I am sooooo excited!!!  I've asked a number of my fellow bloggers to participate and the best news yet:  They said yes! I asked that they send me a photo of themselves nestled in their favorite place -- at home. My burning question for each: "Where do you go to escape the 'noise,' to read a book, to relax? I think we may be seeing everything from gardens to laundry rooms.

Please drop by this weekend for my first guests' appearances. 
On Saturday, Vicky at Room Service -- Decorating 101 shares her "personal and very favorite spot."  And on Sunday, I will show you where Greet at Belgian Pearls likes to retreat for quiet -- or to entertain. 

In the meantime, here's my chosen spot -- in my cozy home on Galveston Island:

Sam likes to jump up and join me. I love gazing out the window, admiring the garden (or thinking about how someday I should go do some weeding) or gawking at clueless passsers-by.  More often than not, I have a stack of magazines at my side. Jimmy, my husband, is typically in an adjoining area watching golf or something on TV. (This is an aside, but get a look at my boots! The green soles sold me!)

This is where I go in Colorado:  It's a bed on my front porch!! I told my husband one day that instead of just rocking (yep, we have a line of rocking chairs), I wanted to bring on deck this black frame daybed and dress it up in pillows and bolsters we happened to have (left over from a previous home/guest bedroom):

Very comfy, I tell ya. The views aren't bad either. Behind me is a view of Salida, located in the valley. When I look out the other way, my eyes land on the Rockies. As you notice, I've got a thick Brahms Mount cotton throw to warm me from morning and evening chill. 

Another visitor whose company I enjoy:

Hope to see you here this weekend!  It's gonna be fun!  At that time, I tell you who else who be showing their personal, favorite places -- at home. Hopefully, they'll be images you haven't seen . . . . See ya!

10 Responses to “I Have Some Exciting News to Share . . .”

I think you couldn't pull me away from that view in Colorado. Not even in the dead of winter. I a was going to mention 'them' fabulous boots. :)

Looking forward to this series! Brilliant!

Both of your spots are perfect! Love the boots BTW....

This is going to be fun! I love seeing how other women find personal spaces to relax in.

I love Galveston, and the boots are fab,


Love the window seat, the boots and Sam. If only Buddy had posed as beautifully for me! Looking forward to the series!

LOVE this idea- and I ADORE both of your spots. (Those boots would never come off!)
xoxo Pattie

I would never ever leave that Colorado spot on that porch with that view. How great to have a place like that to enjoy and just kick back. Looking forward to this series.

Mélanie A. said...

Your boots are fabulous and I love this daybed , the perfect spot enjoy life

Greet said...

Oh Susan, I enjoyed to see you there with your beautiful dog! And your house looks amazing beautiful!
I am very curious to your posts this weekend!

Janine Marshall said...

Cool Susan,

What a great idea!!! Will call in in a couple of days. Loved seeing your beautiful spots where you relax! See you soon.
Take care
Tasmania, Australia

Lovin you in your quiet places, you have it going on gf, look at those views... Yes, I am moving in...You are so pretty too. I look forward to seeing your post, thanks for including me!

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