Sunday, June 27, 2010

Her Personal Space . . . at Home with Maya at Completely Coastal

Maya is a woman after my own heart. (We both love the sea, and we're both beachcombers.) You'll see one of her beach discoveries within this post, which inspired the color of her favorite spot -- at home. Her blog, Completely Coastal, offers some of the best and most ingenious ideas on how to create and incorporate seashells into your decor. (Actually, her posts cover a variety of sea- and home-decorating topics, but the ones about shells are my favorite.)
Maya is Swiss but enjoys life in a coastal town somewhere in Rhode Island. She and her husband call an old Dutch Colonial home. Her favorite personal retreat, she says, is "on the second floor in the orange room:"

Meet Maya -- and take note of her "shell" lamp!

"I love how removed the room is, meaning I feel as if I'm in a tree house or on the 10th floor." says Maya. "We wired the internet, so that I can work (blog!!) there. It's the closest thing I've got to my dream..., to one day live in a place where I only hear and see nature! No people noises! Our home sits on a hill, so it is somewhat private since the neighboring homes are below us and not too close. And when I sit at the table I don't see any houses, only the ocean inlet, and boats (the boats I love too see!!)..., and I can watch the sunset too."

Her inspiration for the room color:

She said she formerly used the room as a place to exercise (or not). We can all probably relate to those good intentions to work out both hard and frequently, yes?  It looks like to me, though, she's pretty disciplined....

Another look at her favorite room:

(Love the oars.)

Thank you, Maya, for joining my feature series called "Her Personal Space . . . . Some of my favorite bloggers and new friends are sharing photos -- each weekend -- of where they like to go to be alone, to read a book, to just be. Please join us next Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday, we went into Ann at Hill Country House's favorite room, at home.

14 Responses to “Her Personal Space . . . at Home with Maya at Completely Coastal”

Loving this series, Susan. What a beautiful way to find color inspiration. Not blue, but it still reminds Maya of the sea.

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Susan,
I couldn't agree more with Tracy's comments. I too am loving this 'series' that you are featuring...I really enjoy calling in. I like Maya's favourite spot and I really like how she drew inspiration from the colour of the shell. It's not everyday that you feel like you are in a treehouse when you are in your favourite room of the house, how cool is that!!!! Thank you both for sharing.
Take care
Tasmania, Australia

This is so great! I love seeing how we all carve out our spaces. I love the color on the wall. So unexpected in a beach themed home and yet so the colors of a sunset.

My sister lives in Jamestown RI at is is beautiful there.

Thanks so much Susan!!! Love it! And of course I have to mention this feature in my post tomorrow.

Regarding your shell pot. How amazing is that!!! The picture is linked to the source, and yes it is BH&G's Kitchen and Bath Ideas! Small world!

Tricia Rose said...

I can see this is going to be an interesting series! lovely view Maya has from her favorite room.

Maya is SO cool. I love the oars and gorgeous wood floors :)

Sue Murphy said...

Hi Susan I love seeing where people go to create, unwind, refresh and get inspired.

Shellbelle said...

Maya is one of my absolute favorite bloggers and she has inspired many of my home decorating projects. If you love coastal-style living, her blog is the place to be!

Kerry said...

Hi there. I just found your blog through Belgian Pearls, and so glad I did. It's truly lovely

How awesome! We once lived on top of a hill at the lake and didn't hear a noise (from people) ever! It was so soothing and peaceful. The lot was full of trees and you could hear the leaves rustling whenever you were outside. Really nice so I can totally relate.

Kathysue said...

Susan, love this series I am going to have check out other post in the series. I love Maya's style it is uniquely her and I call that good design when one can define their own personal style and execute it in their enviroment. Kathysue

Fearless Nester said...

Enjoyed seeing a feature on Maya, and learning a little bit more about her! I just knew she must have an ocean view from where she works on her blogs! ~Lili

Housewife Bliss said...

Love the colour inspiration, great room!

Any woman brave enough to do orange walls is a woman after my own heart. I will be going to her blog and visiting , thanks susan .

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