Saturday, June 26, 2010

Her Personal Space . . . at Home with Ann (Hill Country House)

Everything is bigger in Texas. That oft-heard saying about the Lone Star state also rings true for Ann at Hill Country House, in Fredericksburg, Texas.  Ann's big on style -- (her favorite blog topics range from architecture to antiques), and she definitely conveys a Texas-sized personality that's both warm and friendly. She strikes me as someone who knows no stranger.

Ann joins us today as my third guest in a feature series I'm calling "Her Personal Space . . . . A few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to visit places where some of my blogger friends go to to chill, read a book and relax -- at home. I had asked "where do you go to escape the 'noise'?" This is Ann's favorite spot:

Ann calls this her "escape chair," which share shares with no one -- except, Buddy, whom you'll see below:
"Often my little friend, Buddy, snuggles up with me, or in the matching wing chair. He was not too keen on being photographed here, so he doesn't look too snuggly!"

 She says they've had a pair of wing chairs for almost 20 years. "Whenever I think about getting rid of them I just can't, because they are so comfy. They are big and cumbersome, and hard to place in just any room but perfect for curling up in to read or to sit by the fire. They are in our living room.

"I sit here in the mornings with my coffee, and often on Sunday afternoons with a stack of magazines or design books. I choose this spot primarily to get away from the television and the clutter of the den and kitchen -- you know, mail, books, backpacks, brief cases, pet toys, etc."

And the other one.

"This is the one room that pretty much stays as I arrange it, so I get to be with a lot of my favorite collections and paintings when I sit here:"

Thank you, Ann, for sharing your favorite spot -- at home!

Tomorrow, please drop by and see where Maya at Completely Coastal likes to go, again at her home. 

p.s. Sorry I'm late posting today; We've had a busy ArtWalk in Salida (see below for previous post).  And here are the first two guests in "Her Personal Space:

Vicky at Room Service -- Decorating 101


Greet at Belgian Pearls

8 Responses to “Her Personal Space . . . at Home with Ann (Hill Country House)”

This is just the most fun! I love seeing everyone in their spaces. I love that LR with the stone walls, so perfect. Thanks again !

Now, that chair just says comfy to me! I love this personal space.

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Susan,

I won't say anything different know how much I love wing-backed chairs. I'm so glad Ann has decided to keep these chairs as you know if I lived closer I would certainly claim these as my own!!!! I'm sure Ann would be sorry as soon as she sold them. The good looks and comfort factor don't always go hand in hand. Look forward to your next post.
Take care
Tasmania, Australia

Thank you Susan! I read your post on Artwalk and it soooo made me want to be there. LOVE the pet paintings..... might just need one of those of Buddy!
Looking forward to reading about Maya in your next post.
Xo Ann

Greet said...

Ann has a very cozy home! You can see this on just these pictures! I love the wing chair and I can imagine that it is "her" wing chair!!!

What a great room! Pretty chair, pretty pillow, fantastic walls! I could easily sink right in.

What a lovely space. I love wingback chairs! I regret having given one extra large one like yours away years ago because of a move. It was my "Saudi" chair, bought when my husband was deployed during Desert Storm. I have another chair but it just doesn't have the memories attached to it yet.

Cashon&Co said...

Love this space. Fredericksberg is magical and her space is uniquely so .... That texas air down there is incredible... I love that Indian portrait!

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