Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Great Transformation: A Before & After Look at Our Colorado Kitchen

This kitchen belongs to me. It's the heart of our "log cabin."

The After: We earmarked most of our monies for new flooring and new countertops.

Here's the Before:

Tile floor. Tile countertops. Cheap white fridge. Black appliances. Plain-Jane cabinets.

The "Great Transformation," as someone over at HGTV called it, began with a few cans of Benjamin Moore's "Enchanted Forest" paint and an opportune time when my husband was out of town for a while. He seemed a little squeamish -- at first anyway -- when I talked about painting this wood. So, I thought it best that he not be around when I pulled out my big quality brushes. He's since become a convert! 

Here's my guy sitting on a stool in front of the kitchen. See where white carpet meets white tile? (Now gone, gone, gone!!!) And look what the previous owners left me: a great vintage-style Elmira stove. A keeper, most definitely! I don't understand how they decided to marry that stove with the cheap white fridge.

Guess what happened?!  Husband Jimmy liked the paint job so much that he thought we should change out the countertops and floor. (I had thought I could live with tile countertops but not a tile floor. So, I was doing a little campaigning ....) But he thought the paint job looked good enough to warrant going the extra mile. "Let's do both," he suggested, and "while we're at it, let's expand the eating bar."  yeah!!! My "I'm-only-gonna-paint" plan worked. 

I know what you're thinking . . . we went a little crazy with those Dash & Albert rugs. Well, that was a compromise I made. My husband upped my kitchen budget with the stipulation that I protect the hickory wood floors. So....OK. The little ones are indoor/outdoor, and the long runner is woven cotton. From 

This wasn't our first time to renovate. However, I think it might have been our first to use the existing footprint and cabinets. In past, we tended to gut and rebuild. This way definitely proved more cost effective!! We did replace the appliances (fridge, dishwasher). I like and suggest color continuity with appliances. I didn't do stainless, in case you're wondering, because I have it (elsewhere), I've done it, and I don't really like the upkeep my stainless refrigerators demand (I tend to want to buff out the streaks and tarnish; yep, that can happen.)

My husband wanted granite, and I preferred quartz for our countertops. We compromised. We placed granite on the "eating bar," which we had extended about 5 inches. We placed a complementary quartz on the countertops.

A few more BEFORES:

We moved this old 1930s refrigerator to the mudroom. We use it primarly as a "bar."

A few more AFTERS:
The honed quartz from Cesarstone is called "Misty Carrera." It appears more white than it really is. I'd say in person it shows more gray. The granite we chose for the top counter has swirls of gray, too. We also replaced the hardware -- from gold to a silver/pewter finish.

The table on the left comes from The Green Plum ; we topped it with left-over granite -- for continuity sake.
The island table is something I had and decided to stain.

Just a little space I took where I store my cookbooks -- and sit and select one.

I removed the doors and hung this little curtain for country style. We had installed the under-mount sink and new faucet.

We use our kitchen daily! So we keep it prepped for convenience. I didn't really place anything on that odd top overhang, because I wanted the eye to remain downward, in the kitchen. I did choose the iron elements from The Green Plum  for architectural interest. Some have suggested I place a finish moulding on top of the cabinets, and I still might do that. (Thanks for the suggestion!)

Perhaps the moral of the story is to take baby steps, especially if you're trying to convince someone in your household that things could be better. Just start with painting and see where it goes!

If you have any questions about why we did this or that, I'd be happy to share. 

If you'd like to read about our wine rack, please click here . And if you'd like to know about our engineered wood floors, click here . Scroll down two or three for info on quartz.

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27 Responses to “The Great Transformation: A Before & After Look at Our Colorado Kitchen”

The kitchen is fabulous. Love the painted cabinets and your counters are gorgeous. The floors are stunning, I would love some hardwood in my house. The stove is to die for. Totally awesome. Beautiful redo. Hugs, Marty

You know I love it!! The painted cabinets are so, so pretty. Every detail is just beautiful and I actually love Dash and Albert rugs - they are perfect for your look.

From the girl with more wood than she can stand......... hope all is good in your world. xo Ann

Karena said...

Wow I love it all the color on the cabinets, the flooring, granite, etc. I will check out your links!

Art by Karena

Raina Cox said...

You did such an AMAZING job!

I'm completely smitten with the paint color on the cabinets.

Oooooooh! Love it all. First of all, love that you have a real honest to goodness log cabin in Colorado...that is going to be our next home! Yep! Secondly...the stove is perfect there (how does it work...ok?) LOVE the color you chose...and love that dash and albert. I love coming to your site, cause I always see my dash and albert bag (brown and salmon) I use it as my birth bag when I attend births!

But I am salivating over the floor...cause that is also what I would LOVE to do with our family room and kitchen!!

Beautiful....just gorgeous!

Martina said...

Your kitchen turned out fabulous!!! I LOVE the paint color you chose for the cabinets and your stove is to die for!! GREAT JOB!

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Susan,

I thought if I didn't leave a comment now I wouldn't get another chance for a couple of days! Thanks for sharing these photo's. LOVED seeing your kitchen space, you have done such a fabulous job, really it looks stunning. From the before pictures and now from the things you have done, make such a difference. Love the floor and the rugs, the paint colour, knobs. Loved the new fridge and dishwasher and it goes so well with your oven. I can see what you mean with the previous photo's, a beautiful oven that is such a feature in its own right and then the white fridge. Loved the sidetable that you bought from your shop. I love pieces of furniture in a kitchen, I think it is so different and can really pack a punch. I'm really glad and I think you did the right thing by not putting anything up in the roofline ridge/ledge. Also noticed the chair that is next to the island bench. LOVE that and the colours all go so well together. But I think one of my most favourite picture was the one of the sink area, 'cause I could see in the background the stone surround and the WING-BACKED CHAIRS (Swoon, sigh). It gives a perspective to the layout and I appreciated seeing it. I'm sorry my comments seem all over the place but I'm a bit time poor today. Hope you and your family are well.
Take care
Tasmania, Australia

Janine Marshall said...

Back again. Happened to look at your new sink. Looks fantastic. Doesn't hurt, as there are some days you feel like you are chained to it. Great Job!
Take care
Tasmania, Australia

Wow what a transformation - it looks gorgeous!

Leeann x

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

amazing.. I am in awe of your beautiful new kitchen. You all really did a fab job on this.

Shelia said...

Your kitchen turned out beautifully! I love the color you chose to paint your cabinets! Wonder why men are so funny about painting over wood! :)
Love your pretty countertops. Looks like you have to much space! Beautiful transformation!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Nice project. I would love it if you would link this up in Modern Craftswoman Monday. Very well done. Rory

I just put this great before and after in my "New File" I still don't have enough pictures to do much blogging , but someday, maybe. Your kitchen is five stars. I love it. I remember when I wanted to paint my cabinets, like you , I did it while my honey was away. Thanks for visiting. I will not be posting as often, but from time to time I will pop up, so come see me.

The new kitchen is gorgeous and what a unique paint color! I have to say that my favorite is the little curtain with that beautiful print under tha fab new sink. It totally makes me feel like I am in a cozy cottage in Colorado. You should share a view out of those rooms someday.

Pamela said...

Soo charming! I love that you used blue! I could spend all day in there!

I just wanted to thank you for linking up your great kitchen project on Modern Craftswoman Monday. I was pretty impressed with it and am including it in a feature post. The post will be published tomorrow morning. Please stop by and read it if you have a chance. Also, if you do not already have a button, and would like one, please help yourself.


Housewife Bliss said...

off to look over the links, I simply adore the tones and accents that you have chosen. Looks like a very happy heart of the home indeed.

Bravo! Truly a job well done.

I want to live in your kitchen.
It's perfect! Ya'll did a great job! LOVE it.

I love your painted kitchen cabinets! And I love Benjamin Moore paint too. How did you go about painting them? What steps? I have been thinking about painting mine - they are very similar to yours in the before photos. Or at least painting my center island. Your log cabin home is so pretty. Everything is lovely - from the floor to the countertops.

Hi Sandy,

I will send this to you via your email and post in the comment section in case others would like to know. I didn't do anything complicated.

Most will tell you to sand them, but I did not. I tried sanding one door, which I had removed. And then I realized it would take forever with the tools I had on hand. With that said, I did prime everything, going over it thoroughly. In fact, it might have been twice. Then I applied the"Enchanted Forest" shade twice. I didn't paint the interior cabinet but did paint the inside doors. I also like Benjamin Moore paints and used that brand for both the primer and paint. My dealer didn't have lots of options when it came to low or non-toxic paints. If you live in a larger city, you will have more options. The guy who helped me with my paints told me the key to painting is patience. I did take his advice to heart.

Prior to doing anything, I had removed a similar wood cabinet from another area of the house so I used the doors that belonged to that piece to test the paint effect and shades. In fact, in one of the photos above you see a light greenish door on top of the fridge. That was one of my "tests." I tested both a light and dark green. The darker Enchanted Forest won.

Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes. I bet your island will look great!!! thanks for coming by, -s

Anonymous said...

I love the painted cabinets. Did you paint them yourself or hire it done? If you painted them yourself, I would love to learn how you went about it.

Lisa in Marietta, GA

Hi Lisa,
I don't have an email for you, so I hope you return. Sandy at Teacup Lane asked the same. I sent her a note but also posted it right above your comment. Take a look. Does that help? And, yes, I did paint them myself. It's a bit funny, because I had some workers here doing some basement work. All the guys (including my husband) just cringed when I said I wanted to paint the cabinets. So, I began it when alone (haha). Guess what? I think I have a few converts. Hope your project goes well. Let me know/see. my best, -susan

huntedtreasures said...

OMG! Your kitchen looks faboulous, what a transformation. I love that stove :)

huntedtreasures said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


I glad your husband protected the hickory floors, they look wonderful. Never seen hickory flooring in person. Must try to find some.


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