Sunday, May 2, 2010

Designer Bedrooms

Designed by Leslie Strauss
No snoozers here! In fact, any lasting mental images of the three different bedrooms, which I'm about to show, may actually keep you up tonight by filling your head with dreamy possibilities for your own private space. I hope they do, anyway -- not rob you of sleep but offer inspiration, even if you already have a beautiful nest.
Interior Designers Julie Dodson (Traditional Home magazine named her as one of this year's top 20 young talents "to watch"), Leslie Strauss and Cindy Saucier Dickerson recently created some very dreamy bedrooms. 

Designed by Julie Dodson -- the master. (More photos on down in the post.)
Sophisticated, elegant, soft, glamorous, feminine . . . fun.  One or more of these adjectives aptly describe these bedrooms. Yes, I did also say fun. At least one bedroom in this collection offers a little whimsy thanks to its youthful mix of pattern and colors. Together, they all set the tone for an inspirational, showy tour -- and what is now being called one of Houston's most successful Pink Ribbon Home Tours .

A Guest Room:

Designed by Leslie Strauss

Segreto Finishes created the lively little vine growing up through the antique book shelf.

Love the nailhead detailing.

The Teen's Room:

Designed by Cindy Saucier Dickerson

Cindy, a mother of grown children, envisioned a teen or young adult embracing a hip style living in this room. The soft sage green, pinks and pretty stenciling give it a very feminine feel.  The curvaceous velvet sofa and chandelier lend sophistication while curtain fabrics keep it youthful, fun and interesting.  Here's closer look at the windows below. And, of course, pink ribbons suit the cause, yes?!

The pretty French-inspired chest and stenciled mirror on the other side 
of the room.

Julie wanted the master suite (below) to reflect a nice balance of masculine and feminine treatments (i.e. the warm wood stains and rich chocolate velvet fabrics coupled with the white twills and touches of fushia pink). Take a look again ...

The Master:

The 19th century Italian Starburst mirror invites the eye to enjoy Segreto Finishes' delicate and beautiful wall stenciling.

How about the Brentano vinyl and satin covering with nickel nailheads on the bathroom doors; it's a soft glamorous touch that's rather irresistible, don't you think? 

Demilune night tables skirted in chocolate silk flank the bed.

The mirror resting on the mantel is 19th century, French, guilded.

More of Leslie's second room (a closer view shown at the start of this post):


All photos courtesy of Leslie Sinclair at Segreto Finishes ( Thank you, Leslie!

Leslie Strauss' contributors:  Heines Custom Draperies, Ladco Washington Design Center, Foxglove Antiques, Kravet and Duralee Fabrics, Matt Camron Rugs, Michelle Y. Williams Gallery.

Cindy Dickerson's contributors:  Alyson Jon Interiors, Architectural Design Resources and Habitat Stone.

Julie Dodson's contributors:  Plush Home, Shabby Slips, Joyce Horn Antiques, Walker Zanger, Vieux Interiors, Heines Draperies, Creative Flooring, Walter Lee Culp, Donghia and The Joesph Company.

Did you have a favorite?

13 Responses to “Designer Bedrooms”

Gypsy Purple said...

Love the pillows on the first bed!

Housewife Bliss said...

My favourite has to be the bedroom with the Brentano vinyl and satin covering with nickel nailheads , the paper is divine but the doors are stunning. When can I move in?

The stenciling is amazing and I have so wanted to try this in a master bedroom. Thanks for sharing these dreamy bedrooms! Please stop by my blog and sign up for my first giveaway!

I just came from Cote De Texas and am seeing your blog for the first time. I am excited to see that you have a post about bedrooms. I am currently needing inspiration in the new bedding department in my master bedroom and these pictures definitely inspire! Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful...working on mine (just organizing) today!

kim said...

Great bedrooms. Just changed the sheets and cleaned mine. I love clean sheets and how they feel when you crawl into bed.

Morning T said...

Hi Susan- I made it out to see the house last Sunday and it was just incredible! The master bedroom took my breathe away, all of the details and the flooring in the master bath, just stunning.

Leslie Sinclair's work was amazing too and she featured a lot of incredible art from her gallery there.

My favorite is Julie Dobson the beamed ceiling bedroom.
Of course all of them are pretty.


Love that guest room!!! Ah - my lust with black and white shows through! Great pics!

They were all fabulous, but I think I just might have to nailhead something this weekend...

I really love the stencilling in the last room and those padded doors are very cool. I do wonder why though, in such a good-sized room, they squeezed a chair into the space between a nightstand and those padded doors. I have a squeezy chair situation in my own room, but it's tiny so I have an excuse!

Debbie Moore said...

I love your blog! What a beautiful home tour pictures.
Moore Interiors from the Heart

Not sure how I missed this post. I am still working on our master bedroom and this confirms that I want a serene feel.

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