Friday, April 23, 2010

This Limestone Home is My Inspiration House

This is a house that's built to last. Its Texas limestone exterior conveys Hill Country classicism. Despite the fact that it's located in the heart of this country's fourth largest city -- Houston -- the architecture and overall style celebrate masonry work perfected by German immigrants who founded in the mid-1800s smaller settlements in the Texas Hill Country -- primarily areas around San Antonio and Austin. These early residents often used this same light-colored limestone to construct their homes. The clay tile roof (as opposed to metal) and voluminous interior (in contrast to smaller and modest) mark the main deviations from earlier homestead designs.

Architect Tom Wilson and Interior Designer Ginger Barber together created this master piece. It is my inspiration for what I'd like to achieve in our next home should my husband and I be so fortunate to explore new territories (and I mean that in more ways than one).

Front doors and entrances should make a strong memorable first impression. This one, with the massive wood and iron-detailed doors do. When you enter, you see the magnificent back view. Immediately, the architect established a relationship with the outside, which he reinforces with the huge picture windows all along the back rooms (you'll see some examples at various points below).

The foyer. The flooring is a cut travertine, and the beams above are cypress. The wood around the windows: mahogany.

I call this house my inspiration home, primarily because I've recently fallen back in love with the old limestone houses seen in parts of Texas. And I like how the designer achieved a nice aesthetic balance by adding feminine attributes to this home's masculine bones. (Since I got a little personal with this house, I must interject by saying I'd just alter the size.  Cottage is the optimal word for me; that's more my style.)  This home, while large and voluminous, does offer up some cozy spaces, which I appreciate. And, Ginger Barber, who is known for her monochromatic looks, softened it all up by adding natural fabrics and rich carpets. Additionally, she's kept the arrangement tight and clean. The contrasts work, I think. What do you think?

The crisp white slip covers certainly infuse a more casual style into a rather grand house. The fabric and pretty rug add appreciated feminine touches that soften the harder surfaces and materials.

Like the living room above, this dining space is intimate and inviting. Artist Joe Andoe did the painting. He paints with his hands.... The cypress used on the ceilings throughout the home conveys a contemporary feel to a fairly traditional house. The architect added old pine beams to cross over the cypress for both interest and effect.

Just a look to show how the architect separated the dining space from the living room. Floors are old heart pine.

Notice how thick the walls are....

More Photos of the home . . . hope you enjoy the tour:

The office or library. 

An open-concept space on the other side of the foyer. 

Notice the bank of windows looking out to Texas brush and olive trees.

Segreto Finishes did the plaster work throughout the home.

Master bedroom

Balcony off master

Indoor/outdoor bath

Dressing room

Tom Wilson's "trademark" screened-in porches.

Outdoor kitchen in screened-in porch area.

Back exterior

I hope you enjoyed the tour.... all photos provided by Tom Wilson Architects .

35 Responses to “This Limestone Home is My Inspiration House”

Tricia Rose said...

It's obvious I know nothing at all about Texas...
roadtrip coming up!

Kare said...

It is a beautiful home~ lots of great textures` calm spaces, but it doesn't feel feminine at all.


Hi Kare, I thought the addition of fabrics, rugs, the slips, and whites and off whites seemed feminine. A really totally masculine home, for me, would have included all leather and wood furniture, a dark color palette.... That's what I drew from it, which is all subjective, of course. What do others think . . . are there any feminine qualities here?

Hi Susan, first off I really like Ginger Barber. I would guess if you were to actually view this home in person it would be more colorful than the photos show because the artwork rally pops. I really need to go to Texas! Thanks for the inspiration : )


Nikki said...

It's beautiful! I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers.

Love the touches of limestone throughout.

I love these homes. I saw so many when I lived in New Braunfels, between Austin and San Antonio.

This is just magnificent. I wouldn't change a thing. That Library is wonderful. Fantastic post..
when you build yours,build me one too.. Thanks for the tour.


LiveLikeYou said...

That beautiful house will be there for hundreds of years for generations to enjoy. The entrance door says it all.

Stunning! I love the swing and the screened porch, too.

Allison Shops said...

I love the stone, and have a stone cottage - although not small. Mine seems more "comfortable" inside than this one. I think due to the more contemporary furnishing of this one.

If we build again, it will be similar to our current home, but much smaller - and as much stone as budget will allow!


beautiful house... have a great weekend!

I'm a Texas girl too who should live in the Hill country, but I got stopped in Dallas and never left! The Austin stone is a hallmark of that area of th state, and I've seen it used more and more often here in Big D. This was a wonderful tour of a great Texas Hill country house! Beautiful!

Greet said...

Hello Kare,
Thank you so much for sharing this house with us! I looked at your post of this home several times!
I also love the limestone! The house is as beautiful at the outside as on the inside!!
I go to visit the website of Tom Wilon Architects right now!

OMG - I want that porch off the master! This whole house is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

there is something so warm about this house. Love it!

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Susan,

Ginger Barber is one of my favourite interior designers. I don't think it is too masculine. I could see it is very 'Ginger' and I thought there was a great understanding from her as to how it should look and 'feel'. I'm sure as one of your other readers suggested if you were to walk through this in person there would be more colour variation and the feeling that everything is 'right'. Loved all the architecture also, always adds to the overall ambience. Thanks for the tour, really enjoyed it.
Take care
Tasmania, Australia

That is a looker - I am passing it on to my brother in Houston who wants to build a house on his ranch outside of town. Good choice and love that Texas Limestone!

Anonymous said...

My Texas heart is beating loudly for this beautiful home. *sigh*

I adore the kitchen/family room and that wonderful library.

Now I know exactly what I'll do with my money when I win at Texas lotto! I'll call Tom Wilson Architects! -- HollyM

Your accepted wisdom is great. I do welcome your treasured thought. I am enchanted to know your valued intelligence.

Your blog is sane. Thanks for keep well-versed. I like your blog very much. For more information I will be in touch.

We have [almost] the same balcony! Ours is made of liquid limestone from Perth, and our furniture were sort of black-brown in color. Your living room's very relaxing to look at!

I am so in love with your house, that I wanna use it for my next film project! And since my favorite part is your 11th picture, I'll do a private investigation in that are and I'll play the role of a detective.

Cyrus Gilmore said...

With this type of house, it's kinda hard to find the best computer chair that fits the theme. But the house looks really awesome.

Wooden floors always look classy. That's why we took recycled timbers from our other house just to reuse them for our floor. A couple bottles of varnish did the trick. Now they look new and neat!

Jade Yewen said...

I love the floor too! It's like they're made of cherry hardwood. Always neat, specially if you have a child at home. Less mess, more style!

Dustin Rees said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dustin Rees said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dustin Rees said...

Beautiful home. I love the look of limestone architecture. My dad's company produces a "limestone alternative" for those who want the exact look of limestone (uses a crushed limestone plaster) but it's much much cheaper than the real thing! Here's some photos: Limestone Alternative Photos

I love your house! Plus, you have a great taste for furniture! I hope you can help me choose mine for my house because I'm moving soon. Thanks for sharing!

Betty Hall said...

Now that is a home! It's noticeable how mirrors can lift up the mood of the rooms. Aside from having great shots in the pictures (kudos to you!), it made the house look bigger and more spacious despite the crowded furniture sets.

John Jimenez said...

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