Friday, April 30, 2010

Church to Home

While collecting photos and information for my next post on bedrooms, I noticed an email in my inbox with a heading similar to my own headline here. I'm always interested in seeing atypical, adaptive projects, so I opened it up. I don't know if you've seen these images, but I'd thought I'd share them in case not. What do you think? Could you live here?
A couple in England now call this former church home. At least, they have quiet neighbors....

 Here's the short version of what is probably a more lengthy story:  A couple purchased an old church in Kyloe, Northumberland, England, to satisfy their housing need as well as save the historic building from (further) deterioration.  As you can see below, they did remodel some interior spaces to accommodate their daily lifestyle. However, they chose not to alter the exterior. As a visitor, you might initially wonder if you had driven up to the wrong address.

Has anyone remodeled an unusual space in which to live?

14 Responses to “Church to Home”

Jean said...

What a great post. Thank you.

I don't know that I could deal with seeing the master bed while dining, but a fascinating post!

It freaks me out every time I see this done. Quiet neighbors alright... I bet they have ghosts. But, to each its own. At least the building is being preserved.

Atticmag said...

I enjoyed this post! That's a wonderful conversion. I spent a summer in a much smaller converted church years ago, house sitting for a friend. This one is much more elegantly and well done. Thanks for stopping by my blog. So glad to find yours. -- Jane F.

Tricia Rose said...

Wow! Marriage is a sacrament there all right!

I lived in an old school for five years. The main room was 50' square, with a gallery at one end and the children's bedroom and a huge bathroom underneath. The ceiling rose 25' into a belfrey, and there were other rooms up there that we never used.

We sandblasted the treacly varnish from the pitched room, and the black gloss paint from the walls. I loved that place, and with a substantial investment in thermal underwear it was very comfortable. Well, comfortable.

aneyefordetail said...

What a beautiful space! Really really nice transformation...don't know if I would want to actually live in a church though....But the stonework alone is gorgeous.

MaryBeth said...

I would love to live in a place like this. What a great remodel.

Housewife Bliss said...

I am forever watching Grand Designs here in the UK and just ooze with love for so many of the homes. We are hunting for an old ranch house in Arizona, my dream is to make it a proper hacienda.

Lisa said...

I wonder if they have any wild & fun parties? Sorry that was kind of disrespectful but honestly I would feel like I had to whisper all the time.
I could soak in that tub and watch the light in those beautiful stained glass windows every evening though.

NYCLQ said...

I'm always intrigued how people turn a church into a home.... Lovely and I especially adore the photo in the center (the WHITE with window)

:D Lynda

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Susan,

I don't think I would like to live next to all the gravestones. Imagine when it rained and you had a thunderstorm with thunder and lightening. I'd be hiding under the covers not wanting to look out of a window. But that being said I think this is one of the nicest conversions that I've seen in a church. Most of them I feel, everything gets lost and it seems like the owners lose the flow about half way through. I love the picture with the white wall and window. Also love the bathroom with the stainglass windows! Gorgeous!. Hope you and your family are well.
Take care
Tasmania, Australia

I love the "idea" of this... rescuing and living in an old church, but this one is just so cavernous. I don't think I could be comfortable with so much open space over my head. Especially in the bedroom with those giant stained glass windows making me feel so small. I suppose they don't worry about earthquakes there.

Small Burst said...

Absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful transformation.

Melanie Millar said...

wow! what a great post. these little english stone churches are the most amazing buildings. in general i love seeing pictures of any kind of non-home building repurposed into living spaces, but especially churches.

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