Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Remodeled Galveston Beach Cottage

Come on in!  Our 4-year-old red-tri Aussie, Sam, is at the gate ready to say hello.
Since it's winter now, this hibiscus isn't showing off its beautiful yellow blooms -- yet. We recycled the plants the previous homeowner had planted. We placed this one and its sisters along the parameters of the property; they had been up against the house blocking the window views. (I'll show the yard and screened porch another time when weather permits.) We also carved out this red-brick walkway, using the pavers from the back patio (a space we took to construct a master bedroom).  Our "little white picket fence" is actually 5 feet tall in front and then as it circles the house heightens to 6 feet -- done that way to meet city code requirements.

We actually completed our remodeling journey about 2 1/2 years ago.  I posted a little something about our house last spring when Remodel magazine featured our cozy cottage in its May issue.  (I'm in the magazine biz, so I encouraged people, as I always do, to go buy a copy in support of the industry.)  
Needless to say, we love our seaside place and have been enjoying a winter escape from Colorado.  It's a great place to gather with friends. In fact, you'll see some Mardi Gras beads scattered about along with a few margarita glasses (smile) in some of these photos.  Oh, to take a look at the crowd on the island -- click here -- this past weekend; all 5,000 hotel rooms were booked)!  Just recently, I thought I'd post our Before photos (click)  as well as a peek inside during the remodeling process (click). 

We painted the walls light blue, and the molding and baseboards (which we added) a crisp white.  We purchased new furniture for this house since our previous chairs and sofas were too large for the space. I looked high and low for this trim Robin Bruce sofa to sit in this spot.  I had it upholstered in a Sunbrella fabric -- brown with white pin stripes.  Discontinued Pottery Barn cane chairs sport cotton covers I had made.  I didn't originally include mauve in the color palette; it just evolved.  I'm already thinking about recovering the cubes (click). Perhaps in a white or off-white canvas -- ?  And I'm thinking about layering the seagrass rug with a striped cotton rug by Dash and Albert (which I plan to carry in our store, The Green Plum).    I don't want a lot more pattern but figured it might work if I change out the cube slipcovers.  A recent dhurrie post by Joni at Cote de Texas (click) (you may need to scroll down in Joni's post but, lucky you, you'll get a few treats along the way) inspired the thought to add a soft striped pastel rug. What do you think of those ideas? 

I'm adding a shot of this old green desk because Vicky over at Room Service -- Decorating 101 wondered what graced all of our table tops (click) . Well, here you go . . . collected shells, books and a couple of Buddhas (the large one I picked up at an antique show in Boerne, Texas, and the other one was purchased while visiting friends in Holland).  I have a blue cashmere throw (love it!) folded over an old chair from Galveston's famous or shall I say infamous Baliense Room (click) (which Hurricane Ike sadly took 1 12/ years ago).

I selected this shot to show because you can see a hint of the original red brick chimney (to the left). The chimney inspired us to choose old Chicago brick for the stove backsplash.  Think it offers nice continuity.  We placed beaded board in the rest of the area.

The color on the open cabinets is a blue-green shade. The color in the previous photo is probably more accurate. The floors are painted white.  I happened to have this jute rug to place down, but I think a striped Dash and Albert one might be better, don't you?

Yep, the cabinets look blue here, but they actually have more green to them. As you see, our whole area is an open-concept plan (aka "American style"). Rather than stick with the original four rooms, we opened up in order to live and entertain maximally.  (It's a small place!)

Our favorite place to be . . . and Sam's, too!  The window seat.  I carted that large fish under the table all around Guadalajara, Mexico -- until it landed here. As you can begin to tell, we decorate using our travel finds.  They all remind of us of times with friends, which we treasure. 

Not really a beautiful shot but it shows where everything is. The countertop is soapstone.
The pantry is where I'm standing, to the right, and the utility closet is to the left.

Our guest room. The white bedding is Eileen Fisher. Found the bedframes at an antique shop in New Orleans. 

Just a look back to the hall way. We placed a berber in the bedrooms, since we picked up the wood floors in here to use in the kitchen and utility areas.

The full bath. We added a half; you can see how they connect through the mirror.
Thanks for coming by. See you back here again on a sunny day!

42 Responses to “Our Remodeled Galveston Beach Cottage”

Nikki said...

Your kitchen sink just gave me chills. Beautiful home, I'll take it! And your little dog too!

Oh Wow...It has such an uncontrived "I'm just hanging at the beach" feel...lovely colors and fixtures. I love how you incorporated your stuff! My dream to just re-do a place. Dayum...and here I have a barn under our nose...oh yeah...were broke!

Beautiful work...what a pleasure to look at, off to have the "tour" again!

How pretty! Love the colors in your living room. Being a pattern-on-patterm person, I'd add the striped rug and keep the cubes as is. So many good ideas for small spaces... thanks for letting us have a look!
(btw, following you now. better late than never, no?)

Screaming Meme said...

I live close...can I come and stay...lol It is so beautiful! You did a fab job! :)Hi, My name is Meme from Screaming Meme...I would love for you to stop in and check out Screaming Meme...It is a decorating blog....

I have another comical blog called This Family's Gone Crackers...It is a comical journey of my family going INSANELY gluten free...


Hope to see you there, Meme

Susan S. said...

OMG....I LOVE IT! Your home is beautiful. I blogged a couple of months ago about my friend's Galveston Re-do. They are on Ball Street...a few blocks off Broadway! Which section of town are you in?
I love all the colors that you have used and when I can paint inside and open doors and windows to ventilate, I'm changing my whole color scheme. :)
You are an inspiration!

LaurenFaythe said...

What a FUN & Pretty place to escape this weather in Colorado!

Cindy said...

Your little cottage is beautiful! I adore that gorgeous little kitchen. The sink, the counters, the gleaming floor all make it so lovely! I also like the chandi above your table, very unique looking. And a window seat, perfection! The other rooms are also perfectly beautiful, too.
Cindy S

Thanks for the shout out! You know I rushed out and got the magazine right away. You did such a great job on the entire house, inside and out... I am still waiting for you to adopt me...

Awesome! That is my dream to have a winter escape house, either that or be put in a coma till spring returns:-). You did a great job!

Willow Decor said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! What an incredible job you did. The kitchen looks fantastic. The counters are to die for!! Great job!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous!! Love that you added that brick by the stove. And the white painted floor is perfect.

SO glad I found you at RMS! Your home is just stunning. So warm and inviting to top it of. Thanks for sharing, I'll be following you along the way :)

Sue Murphy said...

Susan I love what you did with your cottage. so relaxed and inviting.

I LOVE your decor. Great job!

Found you on RMS. Love your cottage! So pretty.

Anonymous said...

Stunning!! Mind sharing where the table and chairs are from? I love the color.

Hi Anonymous,

I happen to visit Marshall's (aka Home Goods) one day, just looking around really. I saw 4 green leather chairs. I haven't seen them there or anywhere since. I snatched up, thinking I could return them if they didn't work. But, as you can see, they turned out to be keepers. I got the table at a discount from a to-the-trade company that opened their doors to the public for one weekend. It had a couple of stains on it, and they took off 50%. Sorry, I can't remember the name of the store. I think Ballard's Design offers similar tables.....Thanks for stopping by, -s

Maria said...

AMAZING! I LOVE it! What kind of floor is that?

Maria said...

opps forgot to say Kitchen floor! :)

What a darling cottage! So talented! Congrats on the photo shoot- it deserves to be in pictures! And thanks again for the cute gift from your shop!

Take Care!


Nishant said...

Beautiful work...what a pleasure to look at, off to have the "tour" again!
work at home in india

Your space is very soothing to the eye. I first saw it on hgtv.com.roomzaar...also known as Rate My Space.

Very very calming.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Wow, what a transformation! I love the colors you used. Also, that charming little guest bedroom is just adorable, and reminds me of the beach house bedrooms from my childhood's summer vacations. Awesome! No help from me on the rug... I have issues with patterns. I do love the idea of layering them though.

Staci said...

I came across your blog from 6th st design blog. I am building a house and was wondering about your white wood floor. I really love it and want to do it in my new house. Do you think it would be practical to do in my main living area? I have 3 kids and a dog and am worried that I will end of hating it. Is it hard to keep clean? I would love your opinion! Your beach house looks amazing!

Hi Staci,

Thank you coming by. I do love painted floors! The white shows everything tho. So, you might not be so in love with them after a while. Unless, perhaps you paint them a color (not dark, not light but somewhere in the middle). I've also seen floors painted an ebony, which look fab. Those reflected a more modern style. Painting is also a great way to help out floors that you can't refinish. Come by again! best, -susan


Hi, I'm a new follower!

Your home is a dream!!!!

Sue @ Beach Bungalow

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Leona james said...

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