Monday, May 11, 2009

Texas-flavored Outdoor Kitchen

Design Inspiration From Texas: An Outdoor Kitchen and Stone Fireplace

Here's what's on the menu for today: Jan and Tom's kitchen
It's located "out back,"  just steps from their Texas Hill Country red-tin roofed,  stone-walled cottage.  So, put on your Stetsons and cowboy boots (even if it's just mentally) for a quick tour of the friendliest place in the state. That's the best description for Jan and Tom's abode and outdoor kitchen, where platters of finger-lickin' vittles more often than not grace their long wooden table with the tree trunk base.  It's a setting where neighbors and friends -- and friends of friends -- gather almost every weekend to enjoy folksy music,  dancin' , and heart-to-heart talkin' around their stone fireplace (shaped like the Alamo, by the way). 

(We're moving our store, The Green Plum, to Salida's historic downtown this week. Plus, I've got magazine work to do. So, with those jobs on my to-do agenda, this may be the post of the week.  I hope you enjoy it. It's getting to be that time of year -- for everyone, everywhere -- to get out, enjoy nature, the outdoors and friendly gatherings.)

As you can see, it's all about Texas for Jan and Tom -- really truly, a most gracious, fun-loving couple. They've created a personal space and decorated it in a style that celebrates the area where they live. Plus, it's all no fuss, no muss. Look at the fun and very accessible decor. Even if you're not a Texan, perhaps you can be inspired by the design, the rustic look and easy living.  I hope to post more outdoor kitchens on down the road that exude a whole different flavor. What are your plans for spring and summer? Or, better yet, how do you enjoy time with friends? I'd love to know. 

12 Responses to “Texas-flavored Outdoor Kitchen”

Oh Susan, what a fun post!! Your friends have a true Texas party place! We have been enjoying our outdoor kitchen and pool area this spring, but your post inspires me to spend more time out there, and invite friends over. (Ours is definitely hill country, but maybe not so "Texas-y".) I will say the 15 -16 year old crowd has been having a grand time out there so far!! Have a great week and good luck moving the store!

I have noticed that folks from TX seem to always take great pride in thier state. I like the kitchen too. Good luck with moving the store, don't over do know your getting old don't you?

Looks like a great place to have a party...
Good luck with the move and all the "to dos" on your list.
Can't wait to see pics of your finished result.

Hey Susan - It was Room Service - Decorating 101 who said you were getting old! I'm not saying a thing!! Now that you mention it, be careful!!

Lisa said...

Oh I just love an outdoor space like that! I can smell the barbeque and hear the music!
You could have a square dance party on that patio!
Thanks for such a fun summery post.

Tootsie said...

how awesome is that!!! have fun with the move!
thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

Kris said...

I wouldn't expect anything less from a Texan, do it big and do it bold. Wonderful outdoor kitchen.


Lauren said...

would love an outdoor kitchen like this one!!! when friends come over we pretty much talk & eat. hahah be it inside or outside... we'll be working on our house all summer!!!

I love the outdoor fireplace!

brian said...

Best of luck with your new store location! Downtown Salida is very cool.

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