Monday, May 25, 2009

Retro-modern Farmhouse Home Tour

Retro Modern Farmhouse that is a combination of family friendly design, retro decor and barn style inspiration.

This farmhouse, located just an hour's drive north of Houston, reflects the homeowner's artistic nature and inner youthful spirit. Helping this now-Big Apple resident achieve the weekend and summer get-away of her dreams -- to share with her two small children and husband -- was the firm of Edwina Alexis Interiors.  The modern farmhouse sits on a few acres.  No touch rules certainly don't apply here.  This home has a kid friendly design, welcoming of kids and family.  It's colorful, playful and down-right fun. Note the slide by the stairs at the entrance of the home. And the huge and comfy mix-and-match floor cushions in the TV loft.  One of the living room chairs, which you don't see here, is butterfly style upholstered with rag dolls. Edwina even punched up the closets with various bright and bold wallpapers.  The guests rooms don't shy away from a mix of pattern and color either. Away from the house is a barn style garage and apartment.  All in all, it feels like camp but waaaaay better!  When I told my friend, Linda Barth, about it, she decided to feature it in this month's issue of Houston House and Home.  Linda is editor of HH&H, the best free shelter publication in and around Houston. Linda is an amazing editor with a great eye for design.  I always look forward to getting the next issue that, by the way, you can flip through online. It's like thumbing through the actual magazine. See and read more about this modern farmhouse. Sometimes, it's fun to color outside the lines, ya know?!  Enjoy the quick home tour.

13 Responses to “Retro-modern Farmhouse Home Tour”

That chandelier is out of this world. Looks like a very happy home! I am loving color these days.

Kris said...

I love the appliances and the fun colors. It's so playful and juzt ooozes family fun and entertainment. How cool to have a slide for the kids.


Lisa said...

You have been a busy gal with your move! Also thanks for the tour of this very nifty home! I can tell that the house is full of living, love, & laughter!
The kids will ALWAYS remember those stairs!
Great to stop by.

Shelia said...

Oh, what a wonderful fun looking house, especially for children. The slide is the cutest thing! Now I love the kitchen with the olden colorful looking appliances. The chandy is just amazing!

It's been a beautiful day on Galveston island! We've had fun just popping in and around The Strand area.

Really, let me know when you come and maybe we could meet and drink some tea!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :0

Ivy Lane said...

What a great house.. that "kid slide" by the stairs is a show stopper for sure!

Susan, what a great house! I love those sliding barn doors used on the interior of a house. Looks like this one is a little inside and a little outside........and yes, that slide is the cutest thing ever!

alice said...

I love all the pops of color!
And the master bath is to die for!

Lauren said...

wow so many fun features!!! LOVE the slide oh my gosh!!! WOW. the bathroom's so gorgeouse too!!

This is marvelous! I love the mix of styles, colors and how fun is that slide! Talented homeowner that's for srue!

Judi said...

That house is certainly a lot of fun...but I wouldn't feel very comfortable in it. Its too much going on with colours and styles and this and that for me. There are some great ideas and its a beautiful house. I guess I am not used to "retro" farmhouse...
thank you for sharing..

Fun fun fun! Love the slide!!

Anonymous said...

I read about it some days ago in another blog and the main things that you mention here are very similar

Mike said...

I love how the retro fridge still looks great in this modern home.

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