Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pink Ribbon Show house

Custom home builder Patti Barnett donated her time to construct this beautiful Pink Ribbon Show house, now home to one lucky family. The homeowners were among the 2,000 visitors who toured it in 2006 . Apparently, it was love at first sight for them. I pulled it today to show. "Scout shots" of additional show houses will grace this blog space. Periodically, that is. With this one, located in Houston, it depicts a decor that still appeals.  Mostly neutral, as you can see. Very tranquil. Draperies in color and pattern provide the glam, pizazz and touch of drama. I especially like textile artist Rusty Arena's custom designed, hand- painted brown panels in the family room. Interior Designer Julia Blailock volunteered to do the family room, which flows into the kitchen. And she approached Rusty to help. I love it that the designers involved donated their time and employed a beg, borrow and steal attitude to make each room beautiful. Designer Ann Lydick did the "after-dinner" room, as I called it. Trisha Dodson and her daughter, Julie Dodson, did both the dining room and master bedroom.  Edwina Alexis created the library look. These women and a handful of others (my apologies; I can't remember the names of the two who did the guest rooms) worked diligently together to achieve design continuity throughout the house. I think the key for show houses to present well is to invite a small number of designers with like styles to participate.  This particular group established in advance a color palette, shared their design boards and communicated throughout the project time frame.  Proceeds from the sale of the house benefited breast cancer research at Baylor College of Medicine. The Pink Ribbon project is a regular fundraising event.

This house was selected for publication. It appeared in a past issue of Beautiful Homes magazine. My job as a stylist/producer was to finish out the library bookcases, bring in some additional props and flowers, ensure composition balance and focal points.... These are my scout pictures -- not the magazine's.

Interior design is so subjective -- like art; I don't think there's really ever a wrong answer, do you? So, I'm curious, what do you think? What do you like? Anything you're not too sure about?
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6 Responses to “Pink Ribbon Show house”

It really is a lovely home. I love the elevation! They used so many beautiful mirrors throughout.

Maya said...

Love the house, the exterior that is, reminds me of a Chateaux.

Kris said...

I had already picked out a favorite room and then read your post. My favorite would be the Library. I love the softness of the drapes. and the bench with the different seating. The color on the walls lightens up the room.

I also like the kitchen. The large island in the center is perfect. The only negative for me is the floors and cabinets seem to blend in too much. I need pops of color. If it were my kitchen I would want painted cabinets, at least on the bottom section.


Well, You know after reading you liked that kitchen I am going to have to re-think our whole relationship... lol I did love the exterior of the home. My favorite room would be the library. I did not like most of the window treatments. I really liked the kitchen and dining room . But did not like the accessories on the dining room table. I also thought the furniture in the master seemed lost and a bit small. But I loved the tour. I look forward to more ...glad you are home, missed you.

gabriellebogue said...

Your home looks great. I've also just redecorated my home with the home furnishings that i bought from Ballard Designs. Now, my home looks great.

Ross said...

Ooh! Those are awesome! Spacify offersWooden Dining Chairs and more at reasonable prices.

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