Monday, April 27, 2009

There's No Place Like Home -- Even if it's in a Tree!

Would you mind too much sharing your living space with the occasional squirrel -- or snake?! The artist who lives here doesn't seem bothered; the rent is reasonable and it's quiet. Plus, this tree house offers the type of inspiration only Mother Nature can provide.

Dan Phillips, a former dancer and instructor at Sam Houston State College, along with wife Marsha, built this house using all recycled materials. Such as: Excess lumber discarded by other builders. Old windows pulled from renovation and demolition sites. Left over rebar. Broken pieces of glass. Trashed tile. (Studies reveal that about 38 percent of all landfill waste is construction debris.)  He also takes in old bottle caps and wine corks. Picture frames, obviously ditched by a former supplier, transformed a ceiling in another one of Dan and Marsha's places, er, creations. 
Dan  -- the ultimate recycler -- takes anything and everything, even bones.   This isn't the only house he's built. He's constructed a few, all from salvaged materials. He says his homes cost about $10,000 to build, plus land costs.

Qualified artists can get an interesting place to live for next to nothing. For more information, contact Dan via All his homes are built to code. 

This tree house, located in Huntsville, TX, is clad in Western red cedar ends cut as shingles. The balcony railing is made from a "trash" tree (the osage orange). The house, in fact, rests comfortably in the branches of one osage orange tree, also known as bois d'arc. Part of the flooring inside includes sturdy, Plexiglas pieces to view the trunk and ground below. Wine corks fill in parts of a floor, in addition to serving as cabinet pulls in the kitchen. 

Dan takes building green to a whole new level! What do you think?

14 Responses to “There's No Place Like Home -- Even if it's in a Tree!”

I'm loving it! It's just wonderful how more and more innovative environmental friendly concepts pop up everywhere. It was about time..., of course we have a long road ahead of us. Maybe living in a tree wouldn't be for me..., yes I'm thinking bugs, and all kinds of creatures (snakes!)..., but I'd like my next house to be green.

I love it ! But of course you knew I would after seeing my post...Susan, you are next! One photo, all you! Consider yourself tagged...

Tootsie said...

WOW...what an amazing place!!! it is just out of this world!!! great post!

Love it! Now I know what to do with my wine corks! Seriously, I love that Dan used so many leftover materials that would have just been in a landfill.What a great place and I always love people's homes that express who they are!

niartist said...

All the way in Huntsville, huh? Beautiful ... I LOVE that wine cork floor! I saw a backsplash like that once, but in a brick pattern, not in the semi-circle they have - inventive! Love it!

Kris said...

I love Dan's approach to green living. The kitchen countertops and the walkway to the entrance are my favorites. Oh' heck the entire build is my favorite.

Have a happy day


annechovie said...

So unique, but then, who doesn't love a treehouse. Something so appealing about the concept. Have a great day and thanks for visiting.

Lisa said...

That is really something else!
Wonder what it's like during a good old fashioned thunder storm?
Think of the sound and movement that mother nature would give you to help lull you to sleep.
What a great post, also wanted to thank you for your visits & lovely comments at TLPC.

Kym said...

So do these people live in the tree house full time or is it more of a weekend retreat? how many square feet? Intriguing.

The artist lives here full time. Except during hurricanes. (smile) She does rent studio space from Dan. It's located below the tree house in a "real" house, which features a ceiling made of discarded picture frames. The tree house is less than 300 square feet.

This is fantastic- love the tree circles in concrete...this would be fun to see in person...inspirational for sure!

I love it and my husband would love it even more. What a fun space!

Un Peu Loufoque said...

Who could not envy that lucky person ! Superb!

Helen Stroud said...

This reminds me of the Johnny Weissmuller- Tarzan movies Treehouse that he shared with Jane and Boy.And ,of course, Cheetah! I wanted to be a member of that family so badly! This could be a wonderful compromise for me if I could just get Dan to build it....

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